Our Manitoba deer hunting guides offer rifle or muzzleloader hunts for huge Canadian whitetail deer in Manitoba Canada. In GHA 23, an average whitetail deer will score in the 140’s and weigh 260 lbs! The opportunity of harvesting a monster whitetail in our deer hunting area is very good as we border Riding Mountain National Park-Home of some of the biggest whitetail deer in Manitoba, Canada bar none! Whitetails in the 160-180 + class are surely not uncommon. We hunt from pre-hung tree stands, ground blinds or elevated and heated shooting shacks that overlook travel corridors and scrape lines. Hunting during the pre-rut and rut are sure ways to see maximum deer movement.

Just ask John Montemarano: he harvested a huge whitetail in 2000, that net scored 172 B+C points! Combining this awesome hunting with our 2200 square foot log cabin with full service cook, and you have the combination for a relaxing and enjoyable week of hunting in Canada.

We also sell archery hunts in GHA 31 in southern Manitoba. This area has record amounts of whitetail with most hunters seeing 20+ deer per day in the pre-rut season 120-140 + class whitetail are fairly common with some pushing upwards of the 150 + inch range! Hunters use pre-hung tree stands, usually over standing corn or agricultural fields bordering wood lots to maximize opportunity. We also combine these hunts with some awesome duck hunting in the area. (We limited out on ducks almost every time out!)

All hunts are six day, all inclusive hunts, including meals, lodging, transportation to your stand, knowledgeable and friendly guides and an in camp taxidermist to care for your trophy. All for one price with no hidden charges! The only other fee is your license ($210 CANADIAN). As a non-resident you are also entitled to apply for a tax refund-Ask us how!

For more specific information on these whitetail hunts and for available dates, please call Marc or Lise at (204) 878-HUNT.

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 Check out the size of this Manitoba Brusier shot by Mel Funk, awesome!

Scouting for deer Nov 10th, 2005  Robert Roman and his impressive 5 pointer  Robert shows off some mass!  Another 300 pounder!
Dino shot this monster buck square in the middle of our archery area.John Montemarano with his 171 Boone and Crockett buckshot in 2000.Mark Lambert shows off his 2002 whitetail.  140 class.A beautiful 5 by 5 buck taken by Neil Vanlanen.
This deer was killed 30 miles from camp, but it gives you an idea how big deer can grow in Manitoba.  Shot by Bob Showchuk 181 4/8 B+C.Reg Braun connected with the deer in the archery area on the last day 148 B+C points.